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Vadé are Jermaine Sanderson, Philip Yeboah, Roy Crisp, Joseph Anti and Joshua Hammersley Jr. aka JJ, and we’re an a cappella jazz quintet who pride ourselves in singing gospel music along with popular inspirational music and love songs.

Vadé was initially a brainstorm for Philip and JJ in 2013, when they met at a music concert with a vision to create a fresh new sound to a cappella music not only in the UK, but the rest of the world.

Following our win on the Sky 1 entertainment show ‘Sing: Ultimate A Cappella’, we landed a record deal with Decca Records, along with releasing our debut single, Cry Your Heart Out – written by One Direction’s Niall Horan.


Gonna Build EP

by Vadé

The Guys



Philip Yeboah

My love for a cappella music started at the tender age of 10. Music has played a huge role in my Christian Journey and I truly believe that Vadé has brought me closer to my purpose.

I am currently studying music to further expand my knowledge and applying it to what we do as a group.

Joshua 'JJ' Hammersley

As a baby I was always in and out of hospital. During that time music was my comfort. It continues to be a source of joy and it plays a major role in my life.

In many ways I believe music is the reason that I've stayed in church; I think young people need an anchor and a purpose when it comes to Christianity or life in general, and for me music is that anchor.

Jermaine Sanderson

I started singing in church at a very young age and now as a young man I believe that singing is not only my talent, but also my calling. 

Music and faith have been, and continue to be pillars in my life. The challenges I've faced on my Christian journey have taught me a lot and I continue to recognise their importance.

Roy Crisp

I didn't grow up in Christian home, but love for music led me to meet Philip, where my love for music was further developed into a love for christianity and God.

My spiritual journey has not been the easiest; being able to combine my love for music and my love for Christ has helped me face my struggles.

Joseph anti

My love of music started at a young age. I was heavily influenced by my family.

My life hasn't panned how I imagined it, but, God turned situations I thought were negative into positives.

Over the years, I've kept my faith and trust in God; and believe His will came into fruition through Vadé.


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